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Different Ways on How to Pass a Urine Test

Passing a drug test is now a requirement for many employees. The possible way to pass a test is not to intake the drugs that are tested for. However, if you are willing to threat the consequences of drug tests tampering to keep your job, then this article can help you. Avoid spiking the urine sample. This technique is used to keep away the testing tool from giving certain results. You can also consider the risks of dilution or diluting the sample. Dilution the process used to reduce drug concentration by adding liquid to the sample. This process is completed by adding liquid to the sample. 

how to pass a urine test

Sample dilution can lower the drug level. If you choose to do this process, make sure to use warm water, as sample temperature is recorded. Drug testing laboratories all regularly test samples to identify dilution. Many individuals assume that talking excessive water amounts can give a negative result. However it is risky and it is also dangerous because urine that is colorless gives suspicion, probably causing the sample to run at lower confirmation level.  The other way on how to pass a urine test is by substitution. This is a technique that entails substituting your urine with other person’s urine or substitutes your urine with a synthetic sample.